Saturday, 3 July 2010

Something in her style that shows me

If you could choose one woman in the history of the world that you would love to meet who would that be? Some people may spend ages thinking about this, maybe choosing Margaret Thatcher, Marie Curie, Boudicca, Elizabeth 1st. My answer, most definately, without even blinking would be Pattie Boyd.
Pattie Boyd for those of you who don't know was a model in the 1960's. She married George Harrison in 1965, then Eric Clapton in 1979. After finishing her modelling career Pattie took up photography and now displays her photographs around the world.

The reason why Pattie is on the top of my to meet list is because she's had the most wonderful, interesting but also heartbreaking life and she's done it all in style! She's modelled for Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle magazines, also designers such as Mary Quant and Ossie Clark.

She's classy, beautiful, successful, and has always looked amazing. Could you imagine many of these so called "celebrities" now being like her? Or even any models? She was never the 6 foot 1, size zero supermodel that we come to expect walking down our catwalks now but she always looked amazing and knew how to wear clothes.
She is of the generation where models were just becoming public figures rather than a frame to hang beautiful clothing. These models had to walk all over with their portfolios looking for work, had to do their own hair and make up and bring shoes and accessories to shoots, and still managed to look amazing!

She was the muse for two of the most amazing musicians of a generation, being the inspiration for George Harrison's Something, For You Blue and Isn't it a Pity and Eric Clapton's Bell Bottom Blues, Layla and Wonderful Tonight. Just listening to those songs, you can feel the love that both men had for her. Who wouldn't want the chance of meeting a woman who inspired such songs?!

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