Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Year, New...

It's that time of year again, Christmas has just emptied my bank balance and filled out my favourite dresses, and now the dreaded New Year is upon us!

Why do people put so much emphasis on one night which quite frankly in my opinion is a whole lot of pressure to have the best night of the year when generally we spend it FREEZING, queueing up outside scummy little bars and pubs who charge five pounds to get in and once you get in there it stinks of sweat, is so crowded you can hardly turn around and can't even get served at the bar anyway because it's at least 10 people deep!

You spend about £40 on a taxi and wake up the next day feeling bruised, tired and wondering where all your money went when you only managed to buy two drinks all night!

You also spend the next day eating crap, laying on the sofa watching Mary Poppins declaring that "The diet starts tomorrow!" every time you pop another Christmas chocolate in your mouth.

I'd much rather get it all over with as quickly as possible, like pulling off a plaster, just grit your teeth get through New Years eve and day and then we can all go back to normal and get through the next 11 months until December creeps back up on us and we have to go through it all again!

So I don't have for you a list of New Year resolutions, (I don't make any so I won't break any!) but I will try to write posts for you more often, take more photographs with Nicky Nikon and show you more of my new southern life!

Happy New Year!

Kayl X