Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dare to Bare

I've been thinking recently, why are women so obsessed with make-up? There are women out there, maybe even reading this right now, who will not let anyone (especially their significant other) see then without a face full.

Where did it come from? We know it's not a recent thing, think classic hollywood, ever seen a photograph of Elizabeth Taylor or Greta Garbo looking less than perfectly made up?? Didn't think so.

Think even further back, how do you picture Cleopatra? I'm imagining black lined eyes? There is archaeological evidence that make-up dates at least from ancient Egypt and Greece!

There are hundreds of photographs of modern 'celebrities' (in the loosest sense of the word) pictured bare faced, either in a purposeful shoot (with excellent lighting naturally!) Or on the street, buying a pint of milk or picking up after little Boofles the Chihuahua, not exactly flattering or confidence building for the rest of us.

But I have decided to bare all. I am usually (note: usually!) Comfortable going out fresh faced, but rarely will I not wear mascara, just a little something to enhance my looks and give me a bit of confidence, but for you dear readers, i'm baring all, the make-up brushes are firmly put down, the mascara wand, safely back in the tube, here I am Cameos and Espadrilles, before and after!