Sunday, 18 July 2010

Aint nothin' but a houndstooth dress.

Today i'm actually going to talk about yesterday as I never got chance then. I'd planned to go underwear shopping with my mum before I leave in two weeks. The morning was sunny and warm and I made the stupid mistake of thinking it would actually stay this way. Come mid-day it was raining and freezing. I was not happy!

As i'm limited with my wardrobe at the minute, be prepared to see a couple of pieces repeated the next couple of weeks. I do try not to wear the same outfit in the same way though.
My outfit here is kind of a 1950's style with a modern twist.

I'm wearing a houndstooth dress and a red cardigan from Primark, the neck scarf is actually the belt from the dress and i'm wearing an old thin black belt that i've taken off a waistcoat. My black and cream brogues are from New Look and my silver socks are from Topshop. I'm wearing a pin which you can't see but there's a close up below. It's a mini red Marlboro packet from Voodoo Pickle.

For something a bit different I wore blue mascara which I only put on the ends of my upper lashes which are really blonde, it looked good and I tried to show you in a photograph but you can't really tell. You can see better my favourite lipstick though which is Pro-to-go from Avon. The shade is Provocative Plum.

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