Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Inspirational Women - Elizabeth Taylor

It really was inevitable that the sad sad news today that Elizabeth Taylor has died aged 79 would spark an Inspirational Women post. I don't really have that much to say because, well she speaks for herself. Even hearing her name you have the image of a woman forever glamorous.

Elizabeth Taylor, the last of Hollywood's Golden era, an incredible woman who started her acting career in 1942 aged 10 in There's One Born Every Minute but whose most famous role was Cleo in the 1963 film Cleopatra.

Taylor was beautiful, stylish, talented and more than a bit of a man eater having been married eight times to seven different men!

They say a photo speaks a thousand words so here are some of my favourite photos of our Liz...

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Inspirational Women - Kathy Lette

Today is not only Shrove Tuesday, in fact I don't see the big deal with what we call pancake day, why do people get so excited? Do they not realise that they can eat pancakes every day of the year if the so wish!

Anyway... As I said it's not only Shrove Tuesday, but it's the 100th International Women's Day! Which is far more exciting in my opinion, and what better way to celebrate on Cameos and Espadrilles but to have an Inspirational Women post.

My inspirational woman for the month is Kathy Lette, and i'm so lucky to have just been to a guest talk with her. She is an absolute hoot!

For those who don't know who Kathy is, she's a novelist, a mother of two, a journalist, a singer, a sitcom writer and a feminist. (However she doesn't like that word, she prefers to call feminists "The Clitterati.") Oh and she once turned down the chance of a date with George Clooney!!

Kathy wrote her first novel 'Puberty Blues' aged 18, while she was still living in Australia, and it was made into a film in 1982. Kathy's written an impressive 11 novels in the past 34 years along with everything else she's done in her career.

Kathy is fun and funny, successful and smart, and all in her own right. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind and to stand up for herself and women everywhere. It's International Women's Day and my Inspirational Woman is Kathy Lette.

Here's Kathy receiving her honorary degree from Southampton Solent University in 2009.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Trends According to Red

Since starting a degree in Writing Fashion and Culture in September i've started to read a lot of magazines that before I probably wouldn't have even picked up. I was always a huge Elle and Marie Claire fan and would also buy Vogue if I was feeling flush or if there was something I just had to read about in a particular issue.

But of everything new i've started to pick up the most surprising to me personally is Red Magazine. I'd always thought that it wasn't for me, not for another 20 years anyway. I've learnt that there target audience is around 28-44 and so maybe 20 years was a little over exaggeration as i'll be 28 in five.

But I really enjoy it, I'm always on the website and even follow Sam the editor and Sas the deputy editor on Twitter. (You can follow me @kaylrichardson)

But i've not come here to just big up Red, I've come to show you their latest trend predictions, how spot on they are and how they choose the most perfect example photographs!

So here we go, the trends according to Red:

1. New Denim - Dionae mid-rise cropped boyfriend-fit jeans, £200

2. Seventies - NW3 Flyhook dress, £179

3. Cobalt Blue - Blue Caligola ankle strap sandal, £395

4. Colour Blocking - Colour Block Dress, H&M £24.99

5. Modern Preppy - Loose Blazer, H&M, £29.99

6. Shades of Orange - Orange Mini Bag, Pauric Sweeney, £459

7. Modern Tailoring - Blue Belted Superwide Leg Trousers, Wallis, £20

8. Military Style - Wool-Felt Coat, Burberry, £2195

9. Leopard Print - Leather Moccasins, Zara, £19.99

10. Tough Leather - 'Francesca' Sweatshirt Dress, Reiss, £66

11. Ladylike Lace - Lace Yoke Blouson Blouse, Miss Selfridge £35

12. Capes - Hooded Military Cape, Asos, £75

13. Army Green - Wool Belted Coat, Aubin Wills, £600

14. Classic Camel - 'The Skinny' Low-Rise Cord Jeans, Current/Elliott, £129.50

15. 60's Chic - Cross Stitch Bag, Orls Kiely, £200

So that is Red Magazine's 15 trends of the minute and my one choice from each. My favourite trends at the minute are the '60's and the '70's, but then that's what I wear no matter what's considered a 'trend'.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Shopping in 1999 A.D.

While looking for images of what people in the 1960's thought the world would be like today (It's for an article i'm writing for uni) I came across this short video of how they thought we would shop in 1999.

We may not be living in bungalows on the moon but they sure got internet shopping, online banking and e-mail right!

And well the 1930's (approx) did foresee mobile phones and ipods, but I don't know any bride who's worn a dress made of glass and I certainly wouldn't wear a 'transparent net dress to catch the males' or would I be attracted to a man who carried 'candies for cuties!'