Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hey! Small Boobs Count Too!

I came to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to be blessed in the breast department a long time ago. After I spent my school days stuffing my bra, buying padded bras, covering myself up, making jokes before anyone else did so that I could laugh too and then going home, throwing myself on my bed and sobbing my heart out.

I am honestly fine about it now. I don't mind that there isn't a great deal there, I stopped stuffing my bra a long time ago, I don't buy bra's with inches and inches of padding, I don't even cry anymore. In fact I thank my lucky stars that I don't have backache like some big boobed women do, people look at my face rather than stare at my chest (because really there isn't anything to stare at!) and I can run for the bus without fear of knocking myself out. What I don't like about being a small chested woman is that we're not really catered for, and no-one seems to care!

There are so many websites designed for women with quite frankly more than their fair share, but I have just spent two days scouring the internet for some kind of swimwear that will make me feel like a fully grown woman rather than an over grown girl and have got nowhere.

Let me tell you my issues with swimwear (and not just swimwear, this also applies to bra's)

  1. I do not want to walk around with three inches of padding strapped to my chest, it's not attractive, it's not comfortable and you feel 10X worse when you take it off.
  2. I don't want ruffles or frills or tassels to give the illusion of a fuller bust, I'm not five years old, nor am I a can-can or salsa dancer. (Plus it doesn't work anyway)
  3. Tiny little triangles of brightly coloured material makes small boobs look smaller.
  4. Full swimsuits make you feel like you're 10 years old again in school swimming lessons.
  5. Molded cups are useless if you haven't got anything to go in them in the first place, they gape and everyone sees your nipples.
  6.  And Finally... Bandeau tops FLATTEN and SLIDE OFF rendering them utterly useless!
All i'm looking for is something that's comfortable, fashionable, makes me look and feel like a woman, something that I won't have to worry about floating off  in the pool, and most of all something that fits without the risk of everyone seeing a bit of nip when you bend down!

I shouldn't have to shove a load of gel filled, delightfully named "chicken fillets" into my bra to feel like a woman, I shouldn't have to hide under water so that people can't see my chest or lack of. I should be able to walk proud on a beach or at the swimming pool and not have to worry if people think i'm a tall, tattoo'd 12 year old.

Small busts are just as much of a problem to women as big busts are, someone needs to fix this and not just shove some kind of implant or insert at it. Where's the research into what our needs are?!