Monday, 19 September 2011

Creepin' Back

I know, I know i'm a terrible blogger! I've abandoned you all for months on end but I do have a valid excuse I promise! I've been away looking after my sisters kids for the summer sans laptop and stupidly forgot to take my camera charger too and therefore couldn't even store up photos for you! Don't worry i've given myself a severe talking to and have promised to be better behaved!

And i'm back to tell you about my growing love for a particular style of shoe. I first wanted a pair about three years ago seeing some on vintage clothing website Candy Says. I regret not buying them but at the time I was after more of a Twiggy kind of look and bought some rather beautiful 1960's Modette 1.5 in heels instead.

I have searched for another pair but never found any that caught my eye. Until recently that is. Now they're everywhere and in every conceivable colour. I am talking about of course the Brothel Creeper.

The Brothel Creeper, originally worn by soldiers in World War Two, were picked up by Teddy Boys who wore them with drainpipe trousers, both now very popular with the recent androgyny trend.

Here are a few of my favourite coloured Creepers on the high street right now:

Blue, Asos £85
Yellow, River Island £30
Red, Topshop £55