Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wish list

I make lots of little wish lists in my head, some of the items I manage to get but most unfortunately are very much out of my price range. These are the top three items in my mind at the minute.

Swedish Hasbeens
Not just any Swedish Hasbeens, these exact Hasbeens! Neutral peep toe super high. They cost £129 from Urban Outfitters and are exactly what my shoe collection is missing. The wonderful blogger Mademoiselle Robot often sports her Hasbeens and i'm always infinitely jealous.

The shoe fund starts once Christmas is out of the way and these are the only pair I want encasing my feet in 2011.

The Parka

The parka is back! This simple coat has so much history around it it has almost become as iconic as the people who launched its popularity time and time again. Mods, The Who, Oasis and now it seems everyone from Fearne Cotton to Jennifer Aniston wants in on this huge trend.

Who wouldn't want a parka, they're fashionable, comfortable, warm and practical! This one costs £70 and is from Oasis.

Leather Shorts

Leather is everywhere and in so many beautiful forms; T-shirts, dresses, skirts, bags, boots, coats, trousers... but my favourite leather item is these £140 pair of leather shorts from Urban Outfitters. Look how soft and comfortable they look!

And as an after thought, my three wish list items would look perfect together with a white T, some opaque tights and chunky knit socks!

Friday, 22 October 2010

oH! Henry!

I have a confession to make, so i'm just going to take a deep breath, stand up and say it: "Hello, my name's Kayleigh and i'm addicted to shopping!"

You may laugh but I actually believe this to be true. I went into town the other day because I had an hour to spare between lectures and ended up buying hand cream and nail polish. Ok so the hand cream makes sense, winter's fast approaching and that unfortunately means dry hands but I did NOT need the nail polish!

Then today I had an interview at CC in Debenhams, to get out of the shop I had to walk past the H! by Henry Holland section and accidently spent £40! I don't mean to do it but I love Henry Holland, there was a sale, I was attracted by some extremely beautiful deep red penny loafers (as you can see above) and I even tried to justify it to my housemate by saying "I did buy two t-shirts for my sister, and the shoes were £25 so it's not THAT bad!"

I know there are people out there with some serious shopping addictions, being thousands of pounds in debt and i'm not that bad yet, I'm in no debt, have no credit or store cards i'm just worried that i'm heading that way!

Any kind of shopping excites me, even food shopping, I could spend hours in a supermarket looking at all the things I could buy and they'd be mine. Well if i'm like that with food you can imagine what i'm like with clothes and shoes, or my other passion - books! Amazon must love me! But I am sensible with Amazon, I don't actually spend my own money. I complete surveys online though http://www.valuedopinions.com/ and when you make £10 you can choose a voucher. This is how I fuel my book addiction!

Unfortunately, I can't do the same with clothes!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Yay for Yayer!

I love finding new shops, interesting, little known hidden treasure troves. Usually in the form of vintage shops and charity shops. You can't beat a good charity shop.

There are a couple of online shops that I like to frequent when i'm sitting front of my laptop taking a break from whatever it is I should be doing, which is most certainly not internet shopping!

One I discovered very recently is Yayer. Somehow one of the shops owner found me on facebook and so I thought i'd take a little look. I actually fell in love, or maybe that should be in lust with all of this beautiful new and vintage clothing.

Straight away I ordered this space wave t-shirt which is very cool and arrived very quickly. They had a short offer of free uk postage and packaging which I also took advantage of. I really wanted to order an olive green military look blazer too but unfortunately it had been sold. Which I was disappointed about but as i'm moving into a new house tomorrow, my bank balance most definately wasn't disappointed!