Monday, 16 May 2011

I'm baaaaccck!!

Well it has been a while hasn't it! A lot's been going on including my laptop having a complete hissy fit and breaking (probably due to being lugged around the country a fair few times!)

So last time we spoke I was home for Easter break and i'm sorry to say that i've now decided that University was a really REALLY bad idea. So after yet again travelling down south to pick up my stuff i'm now home, for good. Well apart from the month and a half over summer when i'll be looking after my sister's little cherubs.

Now some of you will be thinking, WHAT?! How could you give up uni, especially when you were doing so well on such a great course?! Well yes I was doing really well and the course was great but a word of advice, when choosing your university, make sure the city is right for you, which Southampton wasn't for me, I wasn't happy there at all! And yes I am much happier back up north with, as my best friend puts it "Normal people, well maybe not normal but at least we belong!"

I've bought a new laptop, and will be carrying on with my dream of becoming a writer and with this blog just minus the prospect of a piece of paper, otherwise known as a degree!

Sorry this post is a bit of something and nothing but i'm trying to get to grips with a new machine (so not tech savvy) and after i've been to Edinburgh next weekend you will have lovely new posts to look forward to, thank you for being so patient with me!!