Monday, 19 July 2010

Best buds and vintage

I've been to see my absolute bestest friend ever today, love her so so so much and gonna be gutted when I leave her in two weeks. Also today I went to pick up my vintage drape coat from being altered, it was a size 22 and I am not a size 22 but where do you find a tartan vintage drape coat for £10, so I had it altered and it's fab! Stay tuned to see that one!

Talking of vintage, I'm wearing a vintage top today that I got from Babysaysboutique. Love love love this website, it sells some absolutely beautiful pieces. This top has a pleated section at the front and a tie at the side. You can also see my Onochord tattoo here.

Did you notice I have straight hair today?! Probably not because it's tied up but it dried funny so I had no choice other than to blowdry it and shot it up. It feels odd though, so used to it being curly now.
As you may have noticed, I have a bit of a thing for cameo's. (I even have a Bob Dylan cameo tattoo) Here is the latest addition to my cameo jewellery, a brooch from Topshop with vintage look lace bow. It's yum!

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