Sunday, 30 January 2011

Barry M Nail Paint in Red Glitter

I wanted this nail paint since around about November, I thought it would be a lovely Christmassy colour to cheer me up through the cold, snowy season but I couldn't get it for love nor money! Seems everyone else had the same thought, and before me too!

I finally got it though, very excited to see it on the shelf in Boots. I was a touch worried that maybe it would look Christmassy, and therefore silly a month after the big day but it doesn't, in fact i've now decided that it's my replacement for never having any ruby slippers that I coveted like mad from Dorothy! Irregular Choice have a beautiful pair of ruby slippers but they're a touch too expensive at the minute after I splashed out on those Swedish Hasbeens so the £2.95 nail paint by Barry M will have to quench my need for ruby red sparkles.

I apologise that the left hand is out of focus, it honestly didn't look like that on the camera screen. But I think you'll agree it's a lovely shade of red. I've had red nail polish before and it's not really suited me but this is lovely and really suits my pale skin tone.

I'll only ever use Barry M nail paint, other nail polishes tend to chip straight away or look really thin and streaky but Barry M is perfect, just apply two coats that glide on smoothly and give even coverage with a beautiful, professional finish.

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