Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspirational Women - Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart is most definitely my kind of woman! And I say this as someone who is frustrated by most female comics, I always will them on girl power style but ultimately feel the major disappointment when their entire act is about sex. With male comics it's different, I really dislike Jack Whitehall and Michael McIntyre but I don't feel let down by them I just switch over and try to erase the pompousness out of my memory.

Which is why we must celebrate the great female comics, the Jennifer Saunders', Victoria Wood's and Sarah Millican's of this world who don't make their act's sleazy and degrading and quite frankly embarrassing!

But I am focusing on Miranda Hart here, the woman who stole our hearts at the end of last year and I for one am glad she did. We'll most certainly be seeing a lot more of Miss Hart, why not start with this interview in this week's Stylist Magazine where Miranda is looking more than a bit lovely. (I would kill for skin like hers!)

Her BBC show Miranda, the second series of which aired at the end of 2010 was a little ray of sunshine on my winter nights. Something that just made me laugh out loud, it was kooky and silly and warm and funny. Let's not make things complicated here, Miranda's job is to make us laugh and she succeeded. Forget Chicken soup for the soul, this was Chicken soup for the funny bone!

So Hoorah for funny women and hoorah for women who aren't trying to be anything other than themselves and last but most certainly not least, hoorah for Miranda, you funny, lovely, inspirational woman!


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