Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sack the photographer, the photographer's me.

Ok, so the first observation for today is that I need someone to take photo's for my outfit posts, I miss the fact that my mum or sister would always do it when I was at home. Second observation is that I need to stop taking photos of myself when i've not long got up after getting hardly any sleep due to my uncomfortable bed and boiling hot room. Especially when i've not had the time to hide eye bags before I leave the house, not a good look as i'm sure you'll agree! However, I will show you some snaps of what I wore today and tomorrow I will, fingers crossed, have roped someone else into the role of photographer.

I am wearing a floral shirt from Urban Outfitters with an old necklace, a black, jersey skirt and black leggings, both from H&M, socks from Topshop and boots from New Look.

I got a parcel from Lazy Oaf today so will be showing you what I bought from there in the next couple of days. There's also photographs from the Frock Me vintage fair to look forward to Sunday evening/Monday morning so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

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