Sunday, 30 January 2011

What a week and a half!

I promise i'll post properly later, I have a nail polish review for you all but first I have to ring my mother as she's just text me to tell me my sister has FINALLY, a week late, gone into hospital to have her baby. So exciting but also very sad that i'm all the way in Southampton and won't get to see my new little niece until Easter. Then I need to go out and buy a congratulations card and get that sent off along with two birthday cards for two of my nephew's who both are turning nine in February, and I need a newspaper. But I promise once that's done you shall get a proper post.

But first I thought i'd show you some photographs that i've taken over the last week and a half, you lucky things!

Ok so if you read my last post you'll know i've fallen in love with my new night cream but here's the body moisturiser I use too. Aveeno is completely natural and completely amazing. I'll post a review later this week for those who want to know more.

This is my Truly Madly Deeply college letter Tee, I love how oversized an comfortable it is.

Ahh the most beautiful French Macaroons from Cocoa in Brighton. They are from top to bottom, strawberry, pistachio and coffee. They are the cutest little French patisserie, if you're ever in Brighton then I would recommend a visit, they're just down from the train station.

My new Pastry's!! These are the trainers designed by Angela and Vanessa Simmons, and for those who are big fans of Run DMC or Run's House on MTV will know that they are the daughters of Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons. I've wanted them for so long and they were on sale in Foot Locker and I couldn't resist. My first pair of trainers in about seven or eight years, I think you'll agree I made a good choice!

This is a beautiful knee length vintage dress that I bought from the Frock Me vintage fair in Brighton a week ago. It was love at first sight and cost a tiny £10. It was most definitely coming home with me! I haven't had chance to wear it yet but that's mainly due to the fact that it has a silk lining which kind of makes me cringe so i'm thinking of either removing the lining or buying a vest so that it doesn't touch my skin.

Here's a couple more T-shirt's i've been wearing this week. The top one is by BOY London from Urban Outfitters, and the bottom one is by Lazy Oaf, I love it because it's Pierrot, even though no doubt i'll have to explain just who Pierrot is to most people!

And last but most definitely NOT least. You'll be pleased to hear that I FINALLY got my hands on some Swedish Hasbeens! Look how beautiful they are. As soon as they arrived I just sat on my bed wearing them for about an hour. And they are so comfortable! Even though I haven't yet worn them enough for the leather to soften, I'll put them on with an outfit in the next couple of days so that you can see the full affect.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

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