Thursday, 6 January 2011

Return of the photograph

Well i'm back in Southampton and it's miserable! I'm sat, looking out of my window at the pouring rain as I type trying to put off going out for as long as possible but I need to pick up some vintage shoes I got re-heeled before my lecture at one. But after that i'm off to my sister's in Poole for the weekend, it's like my second home at the minute, whenever I have a free weekend i'll just hop on the train.

As promised I have some photographs for you. Now don't get too excited they were taken in a bit of a rush when I was getting ready to go out so not full outfits but none the less here they are:

I got this beautiful little vintage hummingbird brooch from a place in Whitby when I was home, it's so pretty, I absolutely love it and unlike some of the vintage jewellery in there this one was missing none of its stones.

I have been sale shopping! I got these lovely H! by Henry Holland leggings with a cute giraffe pattern they were reduced to £5.40! I wore them yesterday with some heeled lace up boots and socks from Topshop in the same colour as the giraffes, and a brown jumper which you can't see here.

You can just see in this photo my GOGO Philip earrings, also in the sale, I think they were about £2.50 and are little keys. I love all the GOGO Philip jewellery at Topshop but it's only sold in certain branches which doesn't include Southampton but it does include Middlesbrough so I got these when I was home.

And lastly I got this thick chain in the Topshop sale too, £5 reduced from £10. I'll be sure to show you my other bargains at some point soon too.

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