Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 prediction

Happy New Year!

I hope you're not all too hungover today, I had an early night last night only to be woken up at ten to midnight by the dog who is terrified of fireworks barging her way into my room and trying to squeeze under my bed, then being blinded by the brightest fireworks known to man, but at least i've started 2011 bright eyed and bushy tailed rather than dying on the sofa. Oh there are definitely more upsides to being teetotal than there is to drinking!

So what will 2011 bring? Well i've got to pack up and go back to Southampton in two days and once again leave my lovely family behind in the north but I have the Frock Me vintage fair in Brighton to look forward to in a couple of weeks and once again I have a camera so you'll be seeing more photographs in the next couple of weeks than you have been lately, I have so much to show you but you'll have to wait until i'm back darn sahf for that!

What do you think we'll all be wearing this year? The end of 2010 has seen lots of neutral colours, camel's beige's caramel's and it's been lovely, right up my street but my prediction for 2011 is that we'll go print crazy! Feel free to use my Polyvore editor at the bottom of my blog to show me your predictions for 2011, here's mine:

995 EUR -
Multi color dress »

Christopher kane dresses BLUE
945 GBP -
Satin evening dresses »

Top - Lips Print T-Shirt
63 GBP -

Wall Art - Decor: - At Home
$8.95 -

Cath Kidston - Oilcloth by the Metre
20 GBP -

Oilcloth by the Metre
20 GBP -

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