Friday, 11 February 2011

Not too shabby!

I mentioned the other day that new rollers had been delivered and I was sat with a head full of them. Well after my trip to The Vintage Hair Lounge in Southampton and seeing how beautifully Gloria did my hair I thought that i'd attempt something myself. So after washing and part drying my hair I put my rollers in, and sat with them in for the majority of the day. Luckily I didn't have to go out that day so it was my experimenting day.

But because of this reason I thought id have a go at pin curls too, so the front of the right side of my hair was pin curled and the rest in rollers, I took them all out and gave it a brush before bedtime, adding just a few rollers to the top. This is what I looked like going to sleep, and I wonder why i'm single! (Ha!)

(Excuse the photographs, trying to get a side view of yourself is not the easiest thing in the world!)

I honestly didn't have too high hopes for what was going to happen during the night, i'm usually one of those annoying people who can never get comfy and thought i'd wake up with a bird's nest on top of my bonce! But for once I don't think I moved once my head hit the pillow - I don't think I dared! And so lo and behold, in the morning, rollers out, comb through, couple of grips and THIS is what happened:

TA-DA!! Not bad for a first attempt hey! And i'm working my way up to victory rolls, that's my mission for the weekend, i'll let you know how it goes but i'm sure practice makes perfect!

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