Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hello Boys!

I know how everyone looks forward to the glitzy award shows, who's wearing who, who arrives with who, sorry who are you?

Well tonight is the night of the Grammy's in America which apart from the fact my beloved Bob Dylan is performing as is good old Mick Jagger, i'm not too interested in that one, especially as i've heard Lady Gaga has turned up in some sort of egg or womb or something as equally horrific.

But the BAFTA's, that's something different, these are people that we here in the UK feel comfortable with, they're the ones on our t.v. screens, in our cinemas (in films we actually watch) and in our newspapers and magazines.

I was delighted when I got an e-mail from (If you don't subscribe to their e-mails, then I definitely recommend doing so) the e-mail was a sneak preview of the outfits snapped as the stars walked down the red carpet.

Now obviously the women looked stunning, one in particular which you will see in a moment, but the dresses on a whole weren't anything amazing, not to me anyway. The men on the other hand! Wow! The looked stunning and they were dressed impeccably! So enough of me jabbering on, here is my pick of the BAFTA red carpet.

Tom Ford and Julienne Moore (Wearing Tom Ford of course)

Bonnie Wright (This is little Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter!)

Colin Firth and his beautiful wife Livia Giuggioli

Gemma Arterton who in my opinion was the best dressed woman, simple, stylish, stunning!

Gerard Butler

James McAvoy

Nicholas Hoult

Rupert Grint

And last but most definitely not least, Andrew Garfield. You may remember my post about him, yes I do have a major crush!

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