Thursday, 3 February 2011

The cutest moustache in the world!

I think I was feeling a little whimsical at the beginning of this week, and purchased something that perhaps I usually wouldn't. But then maybe i'm just carrying on with the theme of doing things that are a little out of the ordinary for me.

I love all the websites there are at the minute selling unusual jewellery, in fact I love them so much that when I come across a new one it goes straight into my bookmarks bar on Chrome. But i've never bought anything from any of them before, I just check in every once in a while to see what's new in the wonderful world of jewellery.

This week however, I came across a new jewellery website to me, and that was Sunday Girl Accessories and there were some things that I just couldn't resist. So I ordered the Tiny Moustache Necklace in black with a gold chain, and the Simple Bird Brooch in Gold. They arrived this morning and are absolutely the cutest things i've ever seen, especially the moustache!

I'm wearing the necklace today but you'll have to wait until I find the right outfit for the brooch to see that. I could have ordered a lot more from this website but am trying (and failing miserably) to keep my spending down at the minute, and am about to spend a fortune at the hairdressers tomorrow which doesn't help matters!

Stephanie Hamer who runs Sunday Girl Accessories and makes all the jewellery herself also does custom pieces, names, specific text etc. You can contact her on 

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