Thursday, 24 February 2011

I Heart Henry

I've been all over the place lately so apologies for not posting, but I went to visit my brother and his family and then went home to see my sister's brand new baby, oh it was so nice to be in the north again, I always get a little bit excited when I know i'm near Sheffield because then I know where I am and I know i'm north bound, even if there's still another two and a half - three hours to go from there!

Well just a quick one tonight but I had to show you these two videos. The first is the House of Holland catwalk show from LFW and the second is Henry Holland's first fashion film which is deliciously tongue in cheek and as hilarious as I imagine Henry to be when I imagine me, him and Grimmers (Nick Grimshaw) to be best friends...


Oh and a little bit of news, I found out today I won a beautiful Mina shirt dress in a giveaway by the lovely Mademoiselle Robot and also i'm getting my tattoo outline done on Saturday, so excited, I went to see the design this morning and it's beautiful. Have to wait for the first ever tattoo convention in Southampton - Titanic Ink for the colour but the outline's getting done Saturday!

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