Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M

It seems that everybody’s been eagerly awaiting the launch of Lanvin for H&M, which will be in over 200 stores worldwide from November 23rd. Now personally I don’t get the big fuss. Ok, ok I know it’s designer and it’s available on the high street but after seeing the collection, there isn’t really much that I would even try on, let alone buy.
‘The Show’ is a 4:25 minutes long advert for the collection, and is a rather confusing mass of models going about their rather odd business in a hotel. Oh, and everybody’s wearing and is seemingly obsessed with Lanvin for H&M.

H&M may be one of the most successful high street stores in the world but these cut price designer creations are far from high street prices. The lowest priced dress being £99.99 and a man’s tuxedo jacket is £79.99.

Lanvin are the latest in a line of designers to team up with and produce collections for H&M, others include Jimmy Choo and Karl Largerfeld.

This is one image from the campaign, and who better to explain the story behind it than Alber Elbaz, the man who’s head all of these designs came from.

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