Friday, 12 November 2010

Inspirational Women - Collette Costello

Don't you love finding someone that just makes you say "wow!" As we know, women are amazing so i'm going to be bringing girl power into the 21st century and once a month featuring woman whose talents deserve to be talked about!

Collette Costello is Manchester based designer who not only designs and creates clothes and accessories, runs her own website and online shop but also manages to find time to share her talents by teaching how-to-make courses and giving talks on her career.

What a woman!

Her website and online shop are a delight to browse and I know exactly where my web searching fingertips will be heading come pay day!

The cute designs which range from women's clothing to children's clothing, jewellery, bags and home ware are now on my 'want' list, and if I could make it up to Salford, Manchester then i'd definitely be going along to one of her courses to learn how to make a beautiful dress or skirt myself, but as I can't i'll have to have one made by Collette herself!

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