Sunday, 7 November 2010

Vintage Toes

If there's one thing that can cheer a girl up then it's a trip to the shops. If there's one thing that can cheer this girl up then it's a beautiful piece of vintage clothing.

There's just something special about vintage, finding that one off piece that no-one else will have, the jealous looks as you stride proudly through town in that gorgeous vintage coat, or when someone asks where you got your dress from "Oh it's vintage..." little else beats that feeling.

I've just bought my second ever pair of vintage shoes, both pairs although dating back to the 1970's have been brand new although it doesn't stop the fact that you can't wear them like new shoes. I learnt that the hard way, I have a beautiful pair of broken 1969, 1" heel modette shoes. The soles split and aren't repairable.

I did vow never to buy vintage shoes again but i'm terrible for breaking promises to myself when it comes to shopping. The latest pair are from make lemonade, a beautiful online vintage store with very reasonably priced vintage clothing.

My favourite pieces on the site right now include:

This cosy looking grey fluff jumper, and:

These beautiful 70's platforms.

You might want to check the website out quick as come the first week of December, Make Lemonade will be launching on the ASOS marketplace and you never know how quickly stock will be flying off the Make Lemonade stand!

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