Sunday, 13 January 2013

Vogue's S/S13 Make-Up Trends

I like to read my e-mails as i'm laying in bed contemplating getting up which I should, even though it feels like it's still the middle of the night. This morning an e-mail pinged into my inbox from Vogue which I thought i'd share with you. It's subject: Spring/Summer 2013 Make-Up Trends, and here they are:

1. Attention Grabbing Eyes
This image is from Chanel where the models wore space age silver with bold, black liner. Attention grabbing eyes were also seen with a splash of colour from Topshop Unique and Clements Ribeiro. (below)

2. Enhanced Minimalism
Balmain shows us how to do flawless skin, this natural look has been given a bit of an edge with the help of subtle blush and lash curling giving added definition to natural beauty.

3. Colour Pop
Giles perhaps shows this best with natural faces brought to life with a blast of fuchsia on the lips. Other designers showing this trend this season are Dries Van Noten, also with bright lips, and Donna Karan with magenta eyes. (Below respectively)

4. The Sixties
This one is so common these days that it's almost like it's never left us. Marc Jacobs shows us how to do eyes just like Twiggy. Remember the key to the sixties look is that it's all about the eyes, go easy on the rest of the face, a touch (if any) of blush and a sweep of nude lipstick is all that's needed to offset the lashes and defined lids.

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