Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Permanent Fashion Accessory

It has a long history, wa,s at a time a sign of being a certain type of person but now, getting a tattoo seems to be the thing to do, the ultimate commitment, the permanent fashion accessory.

December 16th 2012 saw the first tattoo convention held at the Lighthouse in Poole, Dorset, and the Jurassic Coast Tattoo Convention was the first of its kind that i'd been to.

The day itself was dull and rainy, perfect for an indoor event, so off I went, ticket in hand, camera hung around my neck thinking I was about to see some amazing tattoos, and to be honest, I didn't even notice the majority of the tattoos that were being done, I was far more interested in the people involved, from the older lady decked out in Heyday style, to the tattooist with a face full and everyone in between.

Here are a selection of what I took that day, see what you think...


I'm no stranger to ink myself, I now have five, ranging in size, from a small dove on my wrist (the one that got me hooked) to a beautiful 1920's style woman's face complete with Cloche hat and a spray of traditional roses on my thigh. My latest addition is the most beautiful, an anatomically correct Honey Bee in between my shoulder blades, beautifully and skillfully done by Craig at Adorned Tattoo in Ashley Cross, Poole.

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