Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Inspirational Women - Lara Stone

Now you may be thinking Lara Stone an instpirational woman?! But yes that's right Lara Stone may be a model but she is certainly inspriational!

First of all, now I obviously didn't go to the British Fashion Awards last night, I had a slightly less glamerous time writing a report on the promotional strategies of a well known high street store - the joys of being a student! But I did follow it on Twitter getting the lowdown from journalists who were actually there and not watching Coronation Stree (Ooh, but wasn't it exciting!) And i'd like to congratulate Lara Stone on receiving the Best Model award. - Well done Lara, very much deserved!

I've heard through the grapevine that when accepting the award Lara stated: "I hope this wins me recognition... when i'm with my husband, people ask if i'm Matt Lucas." Lara is famously married to David Walliams of Little Britain fame. Now who'd have thought it ey, a supermodel with a sense of humour! And that is exactly why I love her!

The 5ft 10" 26 year old Dutch model is a good role model for young girls aspiring to be involved in the fashion industry, at a UK size 8 she is curvier than most on the catwalk, and incredibly beautiful, looking spookily like Bridget Bardot. She has boobs and a bum, and is exactly what we should be seeing modelling clothes rather than these size zero, child like models who look like they should be dragging a hospital drip behind them.

Lara winning the Best Model award last night proves that radience, beauty, style and poise (as well as that fabulous sense of humour which i'm sure bodes well with her comic husband) are much more attractive qualities than just being thin.

Images: Lara Stone with husband David Walliams, Bridget Bardot (left) and Lara Stone (right), Lara Stone on the cover of French Vogue.

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