Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Clothes Show Live 2010

I was really looking forward to going to the Clothes Show, i'd never been before but everyone kept telling me how great it was so i'd let myself get a little bit excited. I shouldn't have...

The Clothes Show is held at Birmingham's NEC, somewhere i've only been once before, for Crufts in 2007 and i'm going to be brutally honest here, Crufts was a better event.

Now it might have just been this year, previous years might have been amazing, in fact I spoke to a mother and daughter while I was there who have been going for 10 years and they even said this year was not up to standard. It's just unfortunate that my first impression of the event was one of the worse years.

The main halls held all these stands where you could buy clothes, accessories and beauty products. The first section was ok, the vintage section was great (gutted i'm a poor student who couldn't afford anything!) but about two thirds was pure tat. It was like an over priced market stall, I couldn't believe it!

So I thought to myself ok ok, this is just the stalls, wait for the fashion show, that's bound to be good. WRONG AGAIN! Don't get me wrong the styling by Alexis Knox was not to be knocked but it was a little too jazzy for my liking. The theme was "A Night at the Movies" enter High School Musical and Dirty Dancing themes! Not my cup of tea. All the models were dancers. Give them their dues they were good dancers but i'd not gone to see a dance show, I expected beautiful clothes and elegant, beautiful models what I got was topless male dancers and cheesy routines.

Then there was the warm up acts, someone from X-Factor who had no power over the audience whatsoever getting about 50 people at the most to join in with slow hand claps, and a boyband who nobody had heard of, called something ridiculous like Inju5tice and yes they really do spell it with a 5! They never even sang, miming very badly, at one point one of them was "singing" but there were no words!

The only positive that I can scrape out of this otherwise disappointing day was the host - Gok Wan. I do love Gokkers, and I got my mum's Christmas present - his autobiography signed by him. He really is lovely and super stylish. I just wish that he hadn't been in such a rush when signing and i'd actually got to speak to him for more than 10 seconds.

He really was the highlight of the day for me, and he sure knows how to work an audience!

(p.s. sorry the photo's so bad it was taken on my phone as I couldn't get hold of a camera!)

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