Saturday, 24 August 2013

A LOT has happened!

So, yet again we find ourselves here, with me making my apologies for not updating as much as I used to and making grand promises that I won't stay away this long again.

Well since we last spoke, a lot has happened! I'm currently nearing the end of an eight week holiday from work, (the perks of working in a private school!) I've been to Lake Garda in Italy, which was incredible and i've spent the past month getting over the post holiday blues, I got a new tattoo, i'm six hours in, think i've got another three to go, it's amazing, it's a honeycomb dotwork design, dotwork is a method of tattooing which doesn't use a machine, the artist plucks the ink under the skin with a needle attached to a bamboo stick. Mine was done by Neko who works at Ink Studios on Ashley Road in Parkstone. I've also been writing for super cool Bournemouth magazine Upraw, which has meant I've eaten some incredible food at Urban Reef in Boscombe and Mandarin in Bournemouth, and had the most amazing hot stone massage at new salon Hush, also in Bournemouth.

Oh and I turned 25! Hello quarter century!

But soon it will be time to go back to work, which i'm really looking forward to, there is only so much time off you can have before you go a little crazy and I think this is it!

So as a last treat, and because I have a slight (read: massive) nail polish addiction, I bought myself two of the new Barry M gelly hi-shine nail paints. I'm wearing blueberry on my fingers and prickly pear on my toes. This stuff is amazing, not only is it super shiny, but it dries in seconds so none of the awful not being able to do anything for an hour after painting your nails!

So I thought i'd share with you some photographs from the past couple of months and I WILL be back very soon with an outfit post!

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