Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hips Don't Lie. (Unfortunately)

There is staple wardrobe items that apparently every woman should own. I don't think I own any of them apart from maybe a pair of black trousers but they've never been worn since I stopped being a waitress two years ago. Oh and about seven LBD's but that's more down to the fact that they're beautiful dresses rather than being a staple. I don't own a pair of black court shoes, I don't own a white shirt and I most certainly (as you're about to find out) don't own a pair of jeans!

You see jeans are a bit of a sore subject for me, I find it impossible to find any that fit me. My trouble is I think I have an odd body shape, i'm slim yet curvy, my top half is a 6-8, yet my bottom half seems to differ day to day, it is no smaller than a size 10.

So what's the problem I hear you ask, just buy size 10 jeans, but no, in jeans I appear to be no size, when a pair fit comfortably on the waist, they're stretched to oblivion everywhere else, when they fit comfortably on my very curvy derrière they gape at the waist. Sometimes I can't even get them above the knee and end up leaving the changing room in more than a bit of a huff.

So sadly today I came to the conclusion that I am destined to live my life in dresses, which is fine by me, I love dresses and they're great for disguising my rotund hips and bum but there are days where i'd quite like to dress down in a pair of skinny jeans and a white t-shirt pretending to be James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, and unfortunately that dream is over for me.

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