Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Trends According to Red

Since starting a degree in Writing Fashion and Culture in September i've started to read a lot of magazines that before I probably wouldn't have even picked up. I was always a huge Elle and Marie Claire fan and would also buy Vogue if I was feeling flush or if there was something I just had to read about in a particular issue.

But of everything new i've started to pick up the most surprising to me personally is Red Magazine. I'd always thought that it wasn't for me, not for another 20 years anyway. I've learnt that there target audience is around 28-44 and so maybe 20 years was a little over exaggeration as i'll be 28 in five.

But I really enjoy it, I'm always on the website and even follow Sam the editor and Sas the deputy editor on Twitter. (You can follow me @kaylrichardson)

But i've not come here to just big up Red, I've come to show you their latest trend predictions, how spot on they are and how they choose the most perfect example photographs!

So here we go, the trends according to Red:

1. New Denim - Dionae mid-rise cropped boyfriend-fit jeans, £200

2. Seventies - NW3 Flyhook dress, £179

3. Cobalt Blue - Blue Caligola ankle strap sandal, £395

4. Colour Blocking - Colour Block Dress, H&M £24.99

5. Modern Preppy - Loose Blazer, H&M, £29.99

6. Shades of Orange - Orange Mini Bag, Pauric Sweeney, £459

7. Modern Tailoring - Blue Belted Superwide Leg Trousers, Wallis, £20

8. Military Style - Wool-Felt Coat, Burberry, £2195

9. Leopard Print - Leather Moccasins, Zara, £19.99

10. Tough Leather - 'Francesca' Sweatshirt Dress, Reiss, £66

11. Ladylike Lace - Lace Yoke Blouson Blouse, Miss Selfridge £35

12. Capes - Hooded Military Cape, Asos, £75

13. Army Green - Wool Belted Coat, Aubin Wills, £600

14. Classic Camel - 'The Skinny' Low-Rise Cord Jeans, Current/Elliott, £129.50

15. 60's Chic - Cross Stitch Bag, Orls Kiely, £200

So that is Red Magazine's 15 trends of the minute and my one choice from each. My favourite trends at the minute are the '60's and the '70's, but then that's what I wear no matter what's considered a 'trend'.

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