Monday, 6 September 2010

Feeling Autumnal

Today I am feeling all kinds of autumnal! I love September as it is the gateway to autumn, most probably my favourite season. You know where you are with autumn as basically, anything goes. Nobody is surprised by rain, snow, wind, and even the last remnants of summer breaking through every now and then illuminating the most beautiful colours that Mother Nature gives us at this time of year.

She really does give us a show doesn't she. Golds, pinks, greens, reds, burn oranges as far as the eye can see. It's like she's saying "Look, I know winter's coming and it may be awful but here, have this beautiful jewel encrusted world for a month or two before the frost sets in."

But my favourite thing about autumn is the clothes! It's not only the natural world that dresses up, but I always feel it's the most perfect time of year fashion wise. You aren't freezing and wrapped in so many layers that you can hardly breathe as is winter, you aren't constantly taking a jacket on and off when the weather changes as in Spring and you aren't revealing everything you shouldn't including bad tan marks and cracked heels from weeks upon weeks of wearing nothing but sandals as in summer. Autumn is my favourite season because it is my time to shine!
What do I want to be wearing this autumn? Well it's actually a question that was posed to me just the other day, I had to keep adding to my list as I thought of delicious things that I just wanted to run out and buy and wear then and there! But essentially here is my list of my top items for autumn. Feel free to comment with your own.
1. Capes. They are everywhere, all over the catwalks and therefore all over the high street for A/W 2010. This one is from ASOS.

2. Leopard print. This one's been around for the past couple of years but I have a feeling this is the last year for it, so come on, let's make it a good one! This beautiful leopard print silk blouse is from Zara and doesn't it look amazing with the brown leather skirt?!
3. Chunky knits. They really came back in fashion last year didn't they, but they'll be around for a while. I'm feeling neutral coloured, oversized cardigans with either wooden or animal face buttons. It has to be oversized because I am SICK of half mast sleeves and cold kidneys! Also they're just so cozy, how can anyone resist this perfect item of clothing that can complete most outfits, giving them a lovely warm, A/W feel. This varsity style pink cardigan is from River Island. A shop I never usually even look in but in the past year it's really come in as being a great high street shop in my opinion whereas I used to look at it before as being overly chavvy!

4. The last few years it's been ALL about fur. This year it's going to be all about Shearing! Bags, coats, boots, mittens, hats, you name it accessory wise they will make it bleat like a sheep! I am in love with this bag from Sabrina Tach.

5. Tweed. Not just for farmers and country bumpkins, tweed jackets teamed with pegged trousers and a gorgeous pair of brogues just screams autumn! Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite shops and this dress is by Fred Perry for UO.
6. Always a favourite, Leather. Be careful not to go too far with this one or you will end up looking tacky. NEVER buy cheap leather, it will bag and sag in all the wrong places, and remember "Buy cheap, buy twice!" Love your leather and take care of it! Camels, deep Burgundy's and tans like this shift dress from Topshop are my colour of choice - Yum!

7. Another fave, Denim. There is sometimes in my opinion too much denim around. I've seen some amazing vintage pieces which should be snapped up. This oversized, sleeveless, denim shirt is from Miss Selfridge.

8. Hats. I am a big believer in hats. Find a style that suits you, please please don't just shove a woolly bobble hat on top of your head unless you are one of those really annoying people who can look amazing in anything! I love cloche hats, and berets. This Helene Berman beret can be found at Urban Outfitters.

9. Colour. Be bold, be brave, the trees have turned from green to golds and reds, why not follow suit? Unfortunately this beautiful dress from Dixi was a one off and I wasn't quick enough to get my hands on it but it's the kind of colour statement i'll be making this season!

10. And finally... Accessorise! Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with accessories, there are so many out on the high street. Brooches, rings, necklaces, hair accessories, hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, make-up, nail polish, handbags, shoes! The list is endless and just gets better and better. Please don't overdo it though or you'll end up looking like a six year old who's found her mum's wardrobe! (The good old days!) These shearing boots come in different colours and are from New Look.

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