Monday, 28 June 2010

At the minute I have the dreaded task of going through all the crap I have ever collected and decided what is important enough to keep and what i'm going to throw away.

In six weeks i'll be moving from Redcar which has been my home for the majority of my life, (bar three years I spent living in York) stopping off at my sister's in Poole for a month and a half then finally moving to Southampton where i'll be studying Writing Fashion and Culture at Southampton Solent University. It's not exactly like I can pop home if I forget anything like I could in York, i'll be an eight hour train journey away!

Also I can't exactly leave my mum with a room full of stuff that is just going to be gathering dust, especially as she has plans to move herself.

I've started already, some may say that this is a bit premature but let me just tell you this, i'm a horder and hate to throw anything away so my plan is if I do it little by little then it's a lot easier for me. I have clothes stashed in the loft that I haven't worn since I was about 15, but it's hard to throw clothes away I mean, you never know when you might want them again. Ok so if I haven't worn something in seven years and I don't actually like it anymore it's pretty safe to say that it's never going to be worn, I know this and slowly but surely i'm getting through the mountains of awful clothes.

Right now, my room looks like a bomb's hit it, which to be honest isn't that unusual but even more so with the mountains of clothes to get through and i'm not the tidiest of people so it will probably stay there until it's neatly packed away ready to move.

The one thought that's getting me through the whole process is that this will mean i've have more wardrobe space for more beautiful clothes.

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